Does managing clinical trials have to be such a... trial?

Welcome to GCP Cafe, the fun & friendly place to develop new skills, and share unfiltered stories with like-minded clinical researchers.

Hi! I’m Fiona. I’m here to guide your GCP journey!

You do serious work.

But you don't want to be serious all the time.

Collaborate with other knowledgeable professionals in the clinical trial space and make your goals a reality! And have fun doing it.

GCP Cafe offers fresh-brewed and unfiltered small group live conversations about the clinical research life. Connect with other passionate clinical researchers at GCP Cafe!

The GCP Cafe community stands for:

1. Connection

We create a safe and restorative space where clinical researchers find meaningful industry connections.

2. Personal Development

We support members’ whole identity - mind, body, and spirit - not just their job.

3. Success

Our members strive for career advancement and contribute innovative ideas to simplify clinical trials.

4. Community

We stand together as a network of clinical researches with unique perspectives and a shared industry experience.

5. Values

Our members treat each other with dignity & respect. There are no small or unimportant questions here!

Ready to grow as a Clindividual?

It is fun to share a virtual cup of coffee with your new best friends in clinical research.

Hear from our members why GCP Cafe ROCKS...


What a fantastic group!

If you have success with an original idea, process, or shortcut, at GCP Cafe impart your knowledge, experience, and ideas while benefiting from the experience of other seasoned researchers.

— Sophy Yohannan

Clinical Evaluation Scientist

Long Island, New York


I love GCP Cafe because it has been the JOLT of energy I needed like an espresso shot to energize my career.

— Jennifer Duryea

Senior Clinical Research Associate (Oncology)

Fargo, North Dakota


I attend GCP Cafe events because of the extraordinary community and networking opportunities.

— Lisa Marsh

Associate Director, Clinical Trial Management

Dallas, Texas


You don’t have to be overwhelmed or alone.

GCP Cafe is a community where you can talk honestly about challenges at work and get answers to your questions.

— Fiona

Community mascot


Are you ready to connect AND create impact?

I bet some of your proudest moments at work were when you were teaching others the shortcuts you learned along the way, am I right? In the GCP Cafe Plus group, you’ll get help — and, great news, Helper! (I know you are one). You’ll also get the chance to share your wisdom and insights.

— Nadia Bracken

Director, Clinical Operations

San Francisco Bay Area, California

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